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How to Compost

We make it easy for you!

  1. Message us to sign up! ($30)

  2. A bucket is brought to your address -it is yours to use as long as you are a customer. They  have locking, screw-on lids with a gasket.

  3. Add a little shredded paper or line your bucket with a paper bag (Paper makes a great addition and keeps odor low)

  4. Add all your compostables!

  5. Keep your bucket indoors until pickup day. Protect our wildlife and don't tempt them by leaving buckets out overnight.

  6. We pickup from your porch or curb, add the contents to the pickup vehicle (truck or trike) to take to local farm.

  7. We wipe you bucket clean every time!

  8. Bring your cleaned bin back in after your organic wastes are collected!

It's that easy.

 What we Collect: 

  • kitchen scraps, veggie ends

  • uneaten foods

  • egg shells

  • floor sweepings (if organic)

  • coffee grounds

  • peels, rinds, seeds, pits

  • citrus

  • ashes 

  • hair

  • plants (not diseased ones)

  • grains

  • paper and cardboard

  • leaves, grass, weeds

  • wood chips, twigs, etc. 

Do NOT Compost:

  • meat, bones, or dairy 

  • stickers 

  • twisty ties

  • manure of any sort

For other materials, please ask!

We are happy to answer any questions. 

How To Compost: Materials Accepted

Ready to help us create a more sustainable community?

Message us here to get started.

Thanks for submitting!

How To Compost: Contact
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