Food Waste Compost

How to Compost

We make it easy for you!

  • Message us to sign up! ($30)

  • A bucket is brought to your address -it is yours to use as long as you are a customer. They  have locking, screw-on lids with a gasket.

  • Add a little shredded paper or line your bucket with a paper bag (Paper makes a great addition and keeps odor low)

  • Add all your compostables!

  • Keep your bucket indoors until pickup day. Protect our wildlife and don't tempt them by leaving buckets out overnight.

  • We pickup from your porch or curb, add the contents to the pickup vehicle (truck or trike) to take to local farm.

  • We wipe you bucket clean every time!

  • Bring your cleaned bin back in after your organic wastes are collected!

It's that easy.

 What we Collect: 

  • kitchen scraps, veggie ends

  • uneaten foods

  • egg shells

  • floor sweepings (if organic)

  • coffee grounds

  • peels, rinds, seeds, pits

  • citrus

  • ashes 

  • hair

  • plants (not diseased ones)

  • grains

  • paper and cardboard

  • leaves, grass, weeds

  • wood chips, twigs, etc. 

Do NOT Compost:

  • meat, bones, or dairy 

  • stickers 

  • twisty ties

  • manure of any sort

For other materials, please ask!

We are happy to answer any questions. 

Domestic Waste Bin

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